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Wegman, Keith Stewart
Applying the principal educational methodology of Maharishi Vedic Science — the Maharishi Transcendental Meditation program and Maharishi’s program of reading the Vedic literature — for accelerated development of higher states of consciousness characterized by life in accord with natural law

Order No. 3130321

This dissertation presents the theoretical understanding and application of a holistic educational methodology utilizing the Maharishi Transcendental MeditationSM program and a program of reading the Vedic Literature as formulated by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. These two programs represent the principal educational methodology of Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM, an integrated science based on the ancient Vedic understanding of Natural Law. The goal of this methodology is the full development of human life in higher states of consciousness, characterized by individual thought, speech, and action in complete accord with all the Laws of Nature governing the evolution of life throughout the universe. This dissertation outlines the theoretical principles underlying this methodology and documents the profound personal development that occurred through its application over nearly seven years as part of a doctoral-level research program.

The theoretical foundations of this educational methodology are located in Maharishi Vedic Science, which describes a universal level of intelligence or Natural Law, known as atma, underlying all forms and phenomena throughout the universe, including the human mind and body. It describes in detail how this underlying intelligence manifests into the vast universe as frequencies of intelligence, known as the vrittis of atma, the Veda and Vedic Literature, and indicates the relationship of these frequencies to the individual physiology and all thought, speech and action.

The Transcendental Meditation® technique is an easy and systematic procedure which allows the conscious mind to settle down in the simplest state of awareness and directly experience its essential nature, atma, what physiologists have determined is a fourth major state of consciousness. Scientific research indicates that the regular experience of this state leads to growth of higher states of consciousness characterized by increased fulfillment and more refined functioning of the nervous system. Recitation of the Vedic Literature for its phonetic value is a technology that accelerates this development by extending and integrating the direct experience of atma into the development of all thought, speech and action. These two technologies represent the foundation of an educational system that can deliver the ability to make full use of Natural Law for profound individual development and social progress.


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