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Ramberg, Jan Bengt Tonnes
The effects of reading the Vedic Literature on personal evolution in the light of Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology

Order No. 9933982

Maharishi Vedic Science, founded and organized by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, includes a body of fundamental principles about consciousness, and mental techniques to directly experience consciousness in its pure state. Maharishi Vedic Science locates pure, unqualified consciousness as the fundamental level of both subjective and objective creation. This pure consciousness can be experienced and enlivened through the Maharishi Transcendental Meditation‘ and TM-Sidhi‘ programs. This experience directly verifies the principles of Maharishi Vedic Science. Striking quantitative and qualitative similarities have been found between the description of pure consciousness in Maharishi Vedic Science and the most basic level of nature's functioning described by modern physics as the Unified Field. These similarities indicate that pure consciousness and the Unified Field are identical. Maharishi describes how, by interacting with itself in an orderly manner, pure consciousness, the Unified Field, evolves the whole universe from within its own structure. The sounds of this orderly self-interacting dynamics of consciousness are found in the evolutionary set sequence of sounds in the Vedic Literature. Through the momentum of evolution, the Vedic sounds develop into more concrete expressions such as forms of sounds, particles of matter, congregations of particles, and finally the whole universe. Maharishi explains that replicating these sounds by reading the Vedic Literature in its correct sequence enlivens their evolutionary qualities in the reader's consciousness, leading to improvements in all expressions of individual functioning.

Personal experiences during a time period when the Vedic Literature was read on a regular basis showed increased support of nature, improved personal evolution, and a number of positive effects in the following nine areas: individual consciousness, ego, emotions, mental capacity, mental perception, sensory perception, physiology, action and behavior, and the environment. All predictions derived from statements by Maharishi about the outcome of the reading were supported by the experiences. Some of the strongest support came for the prediction that reading of the Vedic Literature promotes evolution of consciousness, which translates into holistic growth of the individual and improvements in all areas of society. Source: DAI, 60, no. 06A (1999): p. 2065


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