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Kleinschnitz, Anne Christy Chapin
Reading the Vedic Literature: the approach in Maharishi's Vedic Science for accelerating the development of consciousness.

Order No. 9701128

This exploratory self-study reports the effect of reading the Vedic Literature on development of consciousness, in a program formulated by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The research consisted of two components: (1) regular daily reading in Sanskrit for its phonetic value and occasionally in English of the aspects of the traditional Vedic Literature, together with (2) twice daily practice of the Transcendental MeditationΠand TM-SidhiΠprograms, including Yogic Flying.

The theoretical foundations of this subjective research exist in Maharishi's Vedic Science, an integrated science of consciousness that locates the source of all manifestation in a holistic, unmanifest field of pure intelligence or consciousness, also called the Unified Field of Natural Law. Maharishi has identified thirty qualities or essential characteristics of this field that served as organizing principles for evaluating and reporting the research results.

Maharishi's Vedic Science explains that the Veda is knowledge structured in pure consciousness, the basic foundation of life, and is a "blueprint" of the inherent structure and sequential expression of Natural Law. The Vedic texts record the cognitions of ancient seers whose awareness was fully awake to its own self-referral fluctuations. Maharishi describes Rk Veda and the Vedic Literature as the eternal reverberations or fluctuations of the Unified Field of Natural Law within itself, and explains that these fluctuations or impulses of sound sequentially manifest into form, including forms of speech, the material particles of the manifest universe, and the human physiology.

Maharishi's Vedic Science predicts that reading each Vedic text sequentially for the inherent organizing power of its sound value regulates and balances the brain physiology, trains the mind to flow spontaneously according to Natural Law, enlivens all qualities of Natural Law in the reader, and accelerates development of higher states of consciousness. Research results were in the predicted direction, and 'bliss' was the quality most enlivened. The conclusion recommends that anyone wishing to enhance and accelerate development of his or her full human potential read the Vedic Literature in Sanskrit for its orderly, evolutionary phonetic value, combined with research in consciousness through the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs. Source: DAI, 57, no. 08A, (1996): 3471


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