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Computer Students Win Trip to Silicon Valley
Khasan Bold and Khongor Enkhbold, students from Mongolia in the MUM MS in Computer Science program, both recently scored in the top 10 in a national computer programming competition, earning an all-expenses-paid trip to Silicon Valley, where they will meet the other winners as well as meet with companies.

Over 400 students participated, from schools such as Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, Princeton, Purdue, MIT, and the University of California-Berkeley.

Mr. Enkhbold earned fifth place and Mr. Bold seventh. The competition was sponsored by companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Dropbox.

While in California, the students will have the opportunity to tour 14 different companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Offered by a company called HackerRank, the “hackathon” consisted of six challenges, which were a mix of algorithm puzzles, single & multiplayer games, approximate algorithm challenges, and a “codegolf” challenge.

The first challenge, for example, was to “Compute the leibniz estimation of pi using the shortest possible code.”

For more information on the winning students, click here.


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