Wednesday, October 01, 2014
A Natural Ayurvedic Detox For Springtime
By MAPI Staff Writers

The shift to springtime energy has been scattered across the country, with unseasonably warm weather in the East, back-to-back storms in the Midwest and vacillating hot and cold days in the West. This natural upheaval demands more flexibility in the body. That’s because the body senses the shift of seasons on a cellular level and begins a natural detox. Pets slim down, losing their winter fat, and human frames lean towards lightness as daylight stretches longer towards the horizon.
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Healing Emotional Wounds - Part 2
Whether a person is born with low Sadhaka Agni or whether they acquired it through poor diet, lifestyle or behavior, the solution is the same: to restore balance by lifestyle changes that nourish wellness. This is done by adopting an Ayurvedic diet, use of Ayurvedic herbals, routines, lifestyle and more.

Sattva Vijaya is a Vedic term that means literally, "winning over the Sattva," or "triumphing with Sattva." Sattva means the positive, pure qualities of the transcendental Self, one's true completely-balanced, cosmic nature.
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