Thursday, October 02, 2014
How to Make a Solar Golf Cart

Several years ago a group of students modified an existing golf cart to be powered by the sun. Basically they attached a solar panel to the roof the cart and wired it to the battery system.
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Iowa’s ‘Dream Green’ Radio Series

An amazing amount of ‘Green’ initiatives are happening in Iowa. This has been highlighted in solar-powered, KRUU FM’s 20 part radio series, Dream Green. The program about green energy policy that included David Osterberg and myself can be found here. David is a veteran of Iowa energy policy making. He reviews how we became the second largest state for wind energy. I review the 100 years of US energy policy and also make some suggestions for Iowa’s future.

Altogether there are 20 hours of material available for streaming. The series is created and hosted by James Moore (left) and Stuart Tanner (right). David Osterberg is in the center, and I’m on my own!
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Sustainable Living Senior Project: Off the Grid RV

Sustainable Living major Ree Meador always dreamed of traveling the US visiting and working at sustainable communities and eco-villages.  It didn’t make much sense to Ree to travel in the conventional, high carbon way, so she decided that for her senior project she would modify an RV (recreational vehicle) to use as few natural resources and create as little pollution as possible.
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