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Saturday, September 20, 2014
Sustainable Living Department Hosts Drop Spindle Spinning Workshop
The Sustainable Living Department is pleased to announce a drop spindle spinning workshop on Sunday, November 24th from 1:00 - 4:00 pm.  Local artist and musician Taylor Ross will teach the spinning session, and says, "Ever wanted to understand how threads and yarns are made? Even better, to make your own? Well, on the 24th we will be learning about fibers, and how to spin wool. We will also teach a little bit about cotton, silk, flax, and even milkweed! Each workshop member will get a drop-spindle and we will all practice this age-old, amazing and simple technique for spinning your own yarn or string from fibers that come from real places, like the backs of sheep and alpaca or the stems of plants right in our own little prairie town. MAGIC!!! This workshop will only be $5 dollars including a drop spindle. It's so stinking cheap because we want you to know these things, and it's sponsored by Doug and Jennifer Hamilton, who are awesome pillars of life. They have a flock of Icelandic sheep among being radical in many other ways."
Here is the public Facebook event so you can sign up ahead of time - see you there!

By Leanne Hays

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