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2014 Goals for the Invincible America Department    
Updated 02/10/14
Brad Onasch and Sherri Shields, Co-Directors

  1. By May 1st, 2014, implement LEAN recommendations for the registration room in order to provide faster, more efficient service to increase customer and staff satisfaction.
  2. By April 1st, schedule and conduct LEAN assessment of outer office.  This will eliminate unnecessary work, fine tune procedures, as well as distribute office responsibilities more evenly.
  3. By March 15th, co-directors will evaluate the acceptance letter categories and train outer office staff in order to clearly communicate to the applicant their acceptance and specific instructions.
  4. By June 1st, have a strategy in place to handle any large summer registrations and coordinate with Maharishi Foundation.  This would insure customers register as quickly and happily as possible without overly taxing staff and resources.
  5. By June 1st, secure a private meeting room in Gate Ridge for co-directors to conduct extremely sensitive calls and interviews thereby allowing them to speak openly and freely without being overheard.
Dials for the Invincible America Department    
1.  Number of applications received
2.  Number of approvals sent
3.  Number of people registered
2012/13 Goals for Invincible America Department    
Updated 02/07/13
Brad Onasch and Sherri Shields, Co-Directors
 Complete the design and implementation of a web-based, Invincible America Assembly application processing system to improve efficiency of processing applications.

 Improve integration of Settle Grant Office functions with our office.
 Evaluate and streamline registration desk procedures.

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