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2014 Goals for the Human Resource Office    
Updated 2/17/14
Stan Lamothe, Director

Goal A. Employee Management

1. Hiring Process and Retention

Specific — Review hiring process and implement changes identified by Andy Bargerstock and department heads using focus groups and surveys. Calculate retention rates for current and past years as data permits, then set targets for improvement.
Measurable — Track time to fill open positions. Calculate retention rates.
Achievable — This review is part of the University’s lean initiative and has been encouraged and supported by the leadership.
Results-focused — To improve the hiring process so that all new staff members go through the same set process and retention rates are improved.
Time-bound — Complete initial survey of hiring process and calculation of retention rates by May 31, 2014.

2. Training

Specific — Perform a needs assessment with each administrative department to determine what training is required and how best to implement it. Provide greater access to Fred Pryor training seminars to all staff members.
Measurable — Using a spreadsheet to track the number and type of training programs offered and the number of participants in each program.
Achievable — University approval already obtained for Fred Pryor annual membership.
Results-focused — Staff members participating in training programs should be more effective in their job functions.
Time-bound — Complete needs assessment by September 30, 2014.

3. Performance Evaluations and Succession Planning

Specific — Ensure that all staff members are receiving their annual performance review by their supervisor. Investigate the use of a feedback form/questionnaire for supervisors that also incorporates employee desires and supervisor suggestions for employee transfers. Identify key positions to be filled and a plan as to how and when they need to be filled. Investigate the use of a database to replace the current spreadsheet system for tracking applicants.
Measurable — Track and record, by individual, the performance reviews received by HR and any transfer recommendations.
Achievable — This program is already in place and supported by University leadership, more active follow up by HR and department heads is needed. The University also actively supports the Enlightened Leadership Program that is training the next generation of Movement leaders.
Results-focused — Performance reviews provide an opportunity for department leaders and staff members to formally meet at least annually to assess goals, performance, career path, and any other issues.
Time-bound — Identify key positions to be filled by June 30, 2014, and set December 31, 2014 as the deadline for completing this year’s evaluations.


Goal B. Time and Attendance Recording

Specific — Complete the automated timesheet trial and extend trial so that all bi-weekly and ultimately all monthly paid staff members as well are able to log their hours worked by computer. This will eliminate all paper timesheets, reduce time and errors, and create faster and more efficient payroll processing.
Measurable — Monitor the number of individuals and departments converted to the new electronic system. Track errors and time savings.
Achievable — Currently two departments are testing the electronic system and based on their experience and success the system will be implemented in all other departments. This will necessitate training of HR staff and supervisors in each department.
Results-focused — According to our research and industry standards conversion to an electronic time and attendance system saves time and money, and reduces errors.
Time-bound — Our intention is to add two departments on each bi-weekly payroll (4 departments/month depending on the speed and success of the trial currently in progress, and to complete the entire conversion process by the end of 2014.


Goal C. Updating the HR website

Specific — Make all the changes and updates needed to the HR website and keep the website up to date.
Measurable — Many changes have been identified by various people and these changes need to be integrated into the HR web pages.
Achievable — The changes identified need to be consolidated, prepared and some training of HR staff will be required.
Results-focused — The result will be more user-friendly pages with complete and accurate information available to all our stakeholders.
Time-bound — Prepare a list of changes and updates needed by March 31, 2014 and make all the updates by April 30, 2014. Ongoing updates as needed to be completed within two weeks of identifying them.

2012/13 Goals for the Human Resource Office    
Updated 12/31/12
Stan Lamothe, Human Resource Director

Goals for 2012/13

HR website 

As requested by the Higher Learning Commission:
More effective and comprehensive system of performance evaluation
 Comprehensive and equitable compensation plan
 Succession planning

 Automated on-line time sheet reporting system with individual staff portal
 Orientation video introducing new staff members to staff program
 Establish performance metrics in key services
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