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Greg Guthrie
Gregory Guthrie
Dean and Professor of Computer Science
Email: guthrie@mum.edu
Home Phone: (641) 472-1125
Work Phone: (641) 472-1125

Research interests:

Programming languages, teaching of computer science, C++ and Object Oriented programming, Computer systems architecture, and parallel processing.

Current Research projects:

  • The TML programming system. TML is a small, portable, windowed, graphical version of the ML language for teaching introductory Computer Science and programming concepts.
  • Teaching of denotational semantics. I have created a set of graduated exercises and tools for students to implement denotational semantic definitions using ML. This includes a parser, and executable SML definitions of a series of languages (initially covering those in Watt). These are used as a part of a graduate course in Formal Methods in Programming Languages.
  • A unified approach to teaching of computer science. The description of the unified field of natural law as provided by Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM and the Science of Creative Intelligence® (SCI) provides a new paradigm for both understanding and teaching traditional disciplines.
  • Specific results include a Unified field Chart for computing, which presents the discipline of computer science as a structure of knowledge sequentially expressed from more refined levels of Natural Law, and ultimately from the Unified Field, representing a field of pure knowledge.
  • The Veda as a model of computing.
    A model of the applications of the general structures of Natural Law as described in the Veda provide a blueprint for other more specific models of knowledge, including the discipline of computer science. I am currently investigating a mapping of the concepts, methods, and areas of computer science into this more general and comprehensive paradigm.
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