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Introducing... Maharishi University of Management
This introduction to Maharishi University of Management was recently published by the school in an online magazine.

For more than 35 years, Maharishi University of Management (MUM) has pioneered a new approach to learning, Consciousness-Based educationSM, that supplies what has been missing in education.

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, MUM offers bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in a variety of traditional fields, including business, media and communications, art, literature, education, and computer science. MUM has developed some exciting new disciplines as well, including Sustainable Living and Maharishi Vedic Science.

makayla“Here at MUM I am surrounded by creative minds and open hearts, and my own creativity is inspired and supported as a result. This is how I want to learn.” 
—Makayla McDonald, first-year student

Education should be about more than book learning. It should cultivate the growth of your full inner potential. This is the specialty of Consciousness-Based education.

"I grow in self-confidence and inner stability"
All students and faculty at MUM practice the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique. This simple technique offers remarkable benefits for education, as extensive research shows — integrated brain functioning, increased creativity and intelligence, reduced stress, improved learning ability, improved academic performance (GPA), improved ability to focus, improved health, and many more.

Students also study each subject in light of fundamental principles of their own consciousness, as developed in a body of knowledge called Maharishi Vedic Science. These are universal principles of life that enable students to see the unity among all fields of knowledge and the connection between knowledge and their own self.

aminekouiderAmine Kouider was a native of Algeria when he came here as an undergraduate student several years ago. “Every day as a result of practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique,” Amine says, “I feel that I grow in self-confidence and inner stability—and most importantly that I know myself better.” Amine majored in Media and Communication, and in 2008, at the international Landlocked Film Festival, he earned first place in the student category for his 13-minute documentary film about the art and artistic experience of Malek Salah, one of Algeria’s most famous artists—and then won the top award for documentary film at the 2008 Iowa Motion Picture Association Annual Awards.

MUM also features a highly diverse, multicultural student body, with 85 countries represented this year. Students develop friendships that reach across international borders.

“The rhythm of life is different here”
The daily, weekly, and monthly schedules are designed to promote maximum personal growth and optimal learning.

Students take one full-time course per month. This allows students to immerse themselves in a field of study without the stress of 3-4 other classes at the same time. The 3½-day break between each academic block gives students time for rest and recreation throughout the year.

gretaStudents are encouraged to get a good night’s sleep each night. Homework is reasonable (no all-nighters cramming for midterms and finals). When you’re well rested, you’re more alert, better able to learn.

Time is built into the schedule for Transcendental Meditation practice each morning and afternoon. The result is a vibrant, creative, and productive learning environment.

“The rhythm of life is different here at MUM,” said Greta Katz, an art major from Finland. “There’s time to go deep within oneself, which isn’t often available at other schools. And this deep self-awareness transforms my academic work, especially during my art classes.”

“Coming to MUM was the closest experience I’ve had to love at first sight. I loved everything about the university, and everything about the town. I loved the domes, where hundreds of people would gather for group meditation each day. I loved the amazing sunsets. I loved the vegetarian restaurants.” —Joss Paling, TM Teacher, Sydney.

“My experience here has been one of strengthening”
The dynamic educational environment includes lots of hands-on learning, in addition to traditional reading and writing projects. Small classes allow for an abundance of in-class student discussions and small group projects, and professors are committed to making the knowledge relevant, satisfying, and exciting.

geoffInternships, community service, and senior capstone courses provide opportunities to integrate and apply knowledge

“My experience here has been one of strengthening,” says Geoff Boothby, a 2009 graduate of the Media and Communications program who has stayed in Fairfield to pursue his media career. “The inner strength and stability I have gained from attending MUM has increased my abilities as a leader and provided a foundation of broad perspective that I will use for my entire life.”

An “abundance of fulfilling experiences to be discovered”
The larger community offers many opportunities for growth as well. Fairfield has a small-town charm with a centrally located town square, friendly neighbors, and locally owned shops. Yet it brings a slice of big-city flavor with many art galleries, a new arts and convention center featuring nationally and internationally recognized entertainment, a broad array of international restaurants, and a citywide “Go Green” strategy.eric

In 2006 Mother Earth News named Fairfield one of “Twelve Great Places You’ve Never Heard Of.” That same year the state of Iowa named Fairfield one of “Iowa’s Great Places.”

“My experience here at Maharishi University of Management is unique,” says Eric Salisbury, a first-year student from North Carolina. “Before coming here I couldn’t have fathomed the abundance of fulfilling experiences to be discovered in this place.”

You can check out MUM for yourself by attending a Visitor’s Weekend.

Anna Bruen Anna Bruen is a MUM alumna who graduated with a degree in Sustainable Living. Anna is the resident blogger here at MUM.
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