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2014 Goals for Computer Science    
Updated February 6, 2014
Greg and Elaine Guthrie, Dean and Director

Compro Distance Education Program Goals:

The goals of the DE program are dictated to a large extend by the number of students admitted into the Compro Program.
Specific: There should be more collaboration with Computer Science Departments of overseas universities in order to extend the Compro DE courses to students abroad in collaboration with overseas universities. Continuous maintenance of the human and technical resources and network infrastructure needed to adequately support the faculty and students of the DE program.
Measurable:  An increase in the number of students enrolled in Compro DE courses
Attainable:  Yes
Results-focused:  Higher DE enrollments would require more DE courses and faculty
Time-bound:  Reviewed annually

Compro Academic Goals:

1) Hire 5 new CS faculty to cover the higher numbers of students.
Specific: advertise and review applications capable of teaching
professionally oriented graduate CS curriculum
Measurable: number of qualified faculty hired
Achievable: have offers accepted by 2, and 2 other strong candidates
Results-focused: number of faculty hired
Time-bound: 2 this spring, 2 more by October 2014, 1 more by January 2015

2) Senior faculty keep themselves and curriculum up to date with CS technology advances
Specific: Faculty publications
Measurable: numbers of publications, course updates, and time applied to software development projects developed, relevant consulting work
Achievable: most faculty routinely do such activities
Results-focused: faculty report such activities and outcomes
Time-bound: annual faculty review

3) Offer expanded undergraduate CS curriculum to attract more undergrad enrollment.  This will support the graduate program in CS by providing another source of graduate students, and support the overall University undergraduate population.
Specific: offer 9-10 undergrad courses for 2014-15
Measurable: new courses taught next year, and enrollments to justify classes
Achievable: courses are on schedule, big question will be enrollments
Results-focused: will review enrollments from 2014-15 and projections for 2015-16
Time-bound: next January when planning for 2015-16

Compro Recruiting Goals:

1) Track hits from the website all the way through to enrolled.
Specific: Use methods to be able to track emails to show when someone visited the website, what pages they visited, to when they apply and when they enroll.
Measurable: Looking for the length of time from web hit to enroll, as well as country, and source of where they heard about mscs web pate.
Achievable: Needs certain software to be able to track all this.
Results-focused: Will improve marketing efforts.
Time-bound: By September 1, 2014 should have every set in place to track this information

2) Greg and Elaine recruit students in China, Mongolia and Nepal for both undergraduate and graduate programs.
Specific: Focus on three countries with most connections and possibility for growth
Measurable: Will keep contact information of students we meet with to see if and when they enroll
Achievable: Yes, in process now
Results-focused: Will review enrollments in 2014-2015 to see level of results
Time-bound: March 2014 for the trip and the end of the academic year of 2014-15 for the results

3) Continue to grow our enrollment each year through Social Media
Specific: Expand all Social Media recruiting
Measurable: Measure increase in applications from specific recruiting areas
Achievable: yes, in process
Results-focused: Will bring in more students
Time-bound: review monthly as applications come in

Compro Admissions Goals:

1) Update all Admissions with the new ACT database and the new functions it is able to do.
Specific: same as goal
Measurable: track progress of steps to complete upgrade
Achievable: Yes
Results-focused: list all steps and track when completed and what is left to complete
Time-bound: July 1st for upgrade and new functions started

2) Get Admissions web portal up and running
Specific: Each applicant should be able to see his application status online
Measurable: track progress of all application phases to go on line
Achievable: Yes
Results-focused: list all steps and track when completed and what is left to complete
Time-bound: Started by May 1st and completed by August 1, 2014

3) Improve visa rate
Specific: track visa rate in each country for each entry to see changes, and if difficulties, alert Bill Goldstein
Measurable: comparison spreadsheet of visa rates per country each entry, and also during the entry to keep track of difficulties
Achievable: Yes
Results-focused: A better visa rate means more students will enroll
Time-bound: tracking being done now.


1) Hire additional person to help with increased number of students.
2) Shorten the average time for students to be hired.
3) Connect with more IT companies so that Placement rate can be faster.
2012/13 Goals for Computer Science    
Updated 02/25/13
Keith Levi, Chair • Greg Guthrie, Dean • Elaine Guthrie, Administrative Director • Peter Vonderheide, Director, Career Center

Goals for 2012/13
 Add three new courses to our base of 14 graduate courses and one new undergraduate course
 Dr. Corazza will publish a mathematics paper entitled “Indestructibility of Wholeness”
 Dr. Lester will continue publication and grant applications
Have a full-time employee working at MUM-China in Beijing to focus on recruiting both undergraduate and graduate CS students
Strengthen undergraduate curriculum for increased enrollment, and international student enrollments
 Finish the COOP admissions web portal project, to help improve and automate the online admissions process

 Offer our MS Degree by DE worldwide starting August 2012
 Continue to explore remote MS-CS program delivery options, including Nepal
Move to complete recruiting and exchange arrangements with BLCU in China for both undergraduate and Coop student enrollments.
Focus on recruiting more students from Latin America

 Add DE & CPT web portal, to support all students once they leave campus
We are still missing key developer position empty for over a year now.
We had two good candidates, but they both deferred because we could not pay them enough to make their finances work.
We may be able to have the admissions tech support person help out on this some when he finishes most of the current admissions application project, and then the ACT project.
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