Course of Study: MA in Filmmaking    
Narrative: The Art of Story - Trailer, Professor Stuart Tanner (MA in Filmmaking)

M.A. courses promote the practical application of knowledge so that students qualify having produced media works that make a strong impression on the professional media community. Students will have the opportunity to deepen their filmmaking practice and become masters of communication. They will be able to express themselves, through film, in an intuitive and abstract manner, and also in a way that shows clear comprehension of the subject or issue they are examining. They will develop their ability to present their work in a confident and compelling way, and show the same understanding and appreciation of the works of others in the field.

MC571 The Film Review (2 credits)    
This course is a study in film analysis. We will begin with the theory that a film review is a well-written essay that is both informative and entertaining. Writing a film review is an excellent way for students to enhance their ability to appreciate film and more deeply understand the mechanics of narrative.
MC500 Advanced Narrative (2 credits)    
This course examines the essential role of narrative in the creation of all forms of media. From the beginning of human history, whether in the form of cave paintings, mythology, scripture, or literature, creators/artists have sought to impart messages to their audience through the use of storytelling or narrative. Gaining a deeper understanding of the fundamental elements of narrative, and how to apply them, will enable students to create works of lasting value. 
MC520 Advanced Screenwriting (4 credits)    
In this course, students will create a portion of an actual screenplay, including an outline of the entire plot. Students will not only learn the form of screenwriting, they will write with the full intention of producing a filmable script.
MC550 The Frame (4 credits)    
This course is both theoretical and practical, and explores and expounds the power of two elements of filmmaking: image and sound.
MC582 The Field (4 credits)    
This course aims to give students the experience of working in a real-world environment and dealing with all the challenges that arise on a location shoot.
MC581 Advanced Video Media Project (12 credits)    
This is a three-month course in advanced filmmaking in which students will work on a major project with continuing advice, mentorship, and guidance from faculty. Students will effectively be working as directors and/or producers for a movie studio. Projects can be—a narrative film, a piece of video art, or a mixed media creation.
MC590 The Media Market (4 credits)    
Every artistic product needs to enter the market at some point. A film, a book, a narrative or non-narrative based work all need to find a market if the filmmaker or writer is to earn any income from the work. Creative individuals are often reluctant promoters of their own work. This course will help students appreciate how important it is to promote their own work and guide them how to approach agents, publishers, television companies, studios, producers, and so on, in order to launch their work in the public arena. 
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