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Two Reasons Why    
1. Why should I get an MBA degree?

Bachelor’s degree programs give students ample time for personal development and maturation. Few students, however, go on to careers in the field that they majored in as an undergraduate. In the business field, there are two directions you can go in: you can either be a technical worker with specialized expertise in on area, or you can work as a generalist with overall knowledge of business. The MBA is for the latter type of person. In an MBA program, you'll first gain a solid foundation in the various business functions such as marketing, accounting, finance, operations, and Human Resources management, and then choose a specialization for deeper study in one field. As an MBA grad, you can be the one to help people solve their business problems. The motto of our School of Business Administration is, “We help you make your dreams come true.” Business is a wide field with opportunties for every type of individual, whether you’re a people person, an idea person, or the hands-on technical type.

2. Why should I take my MBA degree at MUM?

At MUM you'll find a vibrant community of students and faculty who are committed to their own personal development and to creating a better world for all people. How do you want to approach your business education? Do you want to risk “two-year burnout,” which you might experience at some colleges where students must give “36 hours of work for every 24 hours?” Or do you want your MBA experience to be an occasion for you to release accumulated stress and tension, unfold a clearer sense of who you are, learn what your strengths are, and find the right career direction for you? If so, you will find yourself quite at home at MUM. You’ll still work hard and will need to prioritize your study requirements if you want to get excellent grades, but you will come out of our MBA program as a whole person. By specializing in accounting, lean management, or sustainable business, you’ll acquire the skills that will create success for you in the world of work.

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