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Room Reservations    
Would you like to reserve a space on campus for your special event?

With the high demand currently for our facilities, it is best that you reserve your space a minimum of ONE MONTH in advance.

#1- Check the M.U.M. Community Calendar for competing events

If you do not see the space you would like to reserve above, you can contact us below for more information

#3- Check fees associated with reserving your space

MUM Fee Structure (for the space)
Audio Video Request (for the A/V technician)

#4- Verify that you are following the MUM Event Guidelines

#5- Reserve the Space

If the event is for:

General Use/Educational Needs (classrooms)- Arla Rabalais:
Student Club/Organization, Argiro Dance Studio or Spayde Theater- Student Activities:
Art Center Theater- Noah Buntain:

NOTE: reserving Dalby Hall or Festival Hall does not include the A/V technician. You must specify A/V needs in the request.

#6- Get your event poster approved

M.U.M. Poster Guidelines

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