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Call 911 or proceed to the Emergency Department of the Jefferson County Health Center, 2000 S. Main Street, Fairfield, IA, (641) 472-4111. An emergency includes, among other things, a loss of consciousness, severe bleeding, or if the person has stopped breathing.
If immediate care is required
Call Campus Security at (641) 472-1115, or campus extension 1115, to transport the ill person to the Emergency Department of Jefferson County Health Center, 2000 S. Main Street, Fairfield, IA (641) 472-4111. Please tell Campus Safety and Security the name, location, and if possible the phone number of the person. Security will then call the Emergency Department at (641) 472-4111 to notify them that they are bringing an ill person from MUM to the Emergency Department. Campus Safety and Security will notify the Dean of Student Life, Dean of Faculty, or Human Resources Director as appropriate. Campus Safety and Security will also notify the MUM Campus Nurse by the beginning of the next business day.
Campus Nurse    
The Campus Nurse offers first aid and initial screening of health concerns for current M.U.M. Students, Staff and Faculty by assessing and evaluting illness, and referral to area health care providers. This is done during Campus Nurse Clinic hours. Students can also call a health care provider by themselves.. Please phone or drop by her office in the afternoon during clinic hours for advice on minor medical concerns and assistance in obtaining medical care.
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