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The Inside Story    
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The story of MUM is the story about every human being's need for fulfillment and every student's inner drive to gain knowledge and reach higher levels of achievement. 

How we are like other schools

People attend a university to study with experts, learn from the learned, receive guidance on how the world works and on how to succeed in society, and to have a good time.

How we are different

In addition to their expertise in their academic fields, MUM professors and students have traveled in an inner direction. Each day they "dive within," using the Transcendental Meditation program, and experience the innermost field of their own consciousness. This gives them greater energy and mental clarity, broader comprehension and greater focus.

The story of MUM is the story of a university founded to bring higher education to fulfillment by combining the best of traditional academics with profound, measurable inner growth — all within a warm, welcoming, creative international community.


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