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Senior Comments    
Every  year our seniors take a "Senior Capstone" class where they reflect on the experience of studying at MUM. The following are some comments from papers written during those Capstone courses.


Before I came to Fairfield, I was the type of person who was consistently wedged between regretting the past and worrying over the future. I struggled with anxiety and recurring depression, and while neither were severe, their effects colored my every day life in a way that I can only see clearly when looking back from where I am today… 

It's difficult to explain all the ways in which coming here has changed me. I don't even know anymore how that little, insecure girl made it through every day, barely breathing and constantly fretting about what everyone though of her and her art. …  I suppose the transformation began with my first visitor's weekend, when I glimpsed the potential lifestyle I could have and knew within the first two days that I would become a student. But the first truly-life changing experience happened the first time I ever meditated...

In the years before MUM I'd tried several types of meditation and sought mystical experiences through chemical means, but I knew the very first time I meditated that this was altogether different. Everything else except pure transcendence became only a shadow of experience, not the real thing. The more I meditated, the more I felt that pure transcendence in every moment of my life. That expansive sensation has never stopped, and I don't expect that it ever will.


Meditation has transformed me, making it impossible to imagine where I would be today without it. It has helped me create a greater sense of inner peace, facilitated healing and self-acceptance, and allowed me to connect more deeply to my own soul and the subtle energies in and around me- ultimately creating a greater sense of joy and vitality in my life. 

There are times when I have moments of absolute clarity, when time seems to cease and the silence drowns out the noise and I can feel rather than think, and things seem so sharp and the world seems so fresh. I have lived my life on these moments. They pull me back to the present, and I realize that everything is exactly the way it was meant to be. 


One of my most significant achievements during my time at MUM is the ability to stay on an ideal daily routine that supports my health and well-being and that allows me to have the most fulfilling spiritual experiences during TM, the TM Sidhi Program, and Yogic Flying. These daily practices are the fuel that propels my life in the direction of greater happiness, success, and fulfillment.  It has therefore become important to me to take care of and develop my inner consciousness through this program of rest and activity provided by Maharishi and the University. 

Within this structure I developed the understanding that life is meant to be enjoyed on all levels, spiritual and material; and that life can always be fun and never has to be a struggle. I have also developed the ability to finish what I begin even when the challenges I face in regards to such things may seem insurmountable and/or annoying. In this way my life gets better, easier, and more enjoyable each day as I grow in consciousness and confidence. 

Finally and maybe most importantly I have developed the ability to accept, embrace, and love myself I am, the world as it is, and my life as it blossoms and unfolds. I now understand and experience that the external world that I experience through my senses most definitely reflects the quality of my inner consciousness, and that it is important and very beneficial to love and respect others in the same way that I wish to be loved and respected.


Unlike the five other colleges I had attended, MUM has been the most natural learning experience I have encountered.  I was encouraged to grow, seek happiness, and succeed, all without stressing.  Such a novel idea!  Other schools that I attended were a regurgitation of information and putting in sleepless nights of study.  At MUM, I was given opportunities to put new knowledge in practice through experiential learning.   

My education will never be forgotten.  I am ready to move forward in life prepared to accomplish more than I ever have; but in a stress-free, joyous, routine approach.

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