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Trustee Biographies    
Thirty-three members currently serve on the Board of Trustees. Members are elected for 3-year terms, and may serve multiple terms.

Jeffrey Abramson is Chairman of the Board • Partner in The Tower Companies, a family-owned, award winning real estate development company in the Washington, DC, area committed to the principles of socially responsible and environmentally sensitive commercial, residential and retail development • Builder of the first U.S. Green Building Council/LEED-certified rental apartments • Residence: Rockville, Maryland
Tom Stanley is Vice-Chairman of the Board • He serves as an International Administrator of the Global Country of World Peace with responsibility for Ireland and six other countries. He has worked in politics, holding local office, and serving in various positions with the Natural Law Party of the United States. He was granted a Doctorate in Supreme Political Science from Maharishi University of World Peace. 

Bevan Morris is President of the University • Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Trustees • Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace • Chairman Emeritus, Board of Directors of Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment • BA, MA, Psychology and Philosophy, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge University (England) • MSCI, DSCI, Maharishi European Research University • Doctor of World Peace, Maharishi University of World Peace • Residence: Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa

John Hagelin is Honorary Chairman of the Board • Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy • Professor of Physics, Maharishi University of Management • International Director of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace • BA, summa cum laude, Dartmouth College • MA, PhD, Harvard University • Doctorate of World Peace, Maharishi University of World Peace • Residence: Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa
Vincent Argiro is Founder, former Chief Technology Officer, and former member of the board of directors of Vital Images, Inc. (retired) • Professor of cell biology and neuroscience and associate chair of the Department of Physiology at Maharishi University of Management, 1984–89 • BA, Biology, Yale University • PhD, Neural Sciences, Washington University, St. Louis • Residences: Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada, and Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa

Rogers Badgett is an Entrepreneur • Founder of The Raj Health Spa • Member of the City Council of Maharishi Vedic City. As an entrepreneur, he was involved with his family's acquisition of the Boston Red Sox, enlarging the Port of Dubai UAE Harbor, operating large coal mining operations as President of Venture Coal Corporation, managing oil explorations, and managing large investment portfolios. Residence: Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa.
Marsh Belden is Trust Manager, McBel Trust, Canton, Ohio • Grandnephew of former First Lady Ida Saxton McKinley and major donor to the restoration of McKinley's house in Canton, Ohio, now housing the First Ladies Library, the only facility dedicated to the life and work of presidential spouses • Residence: Canton, Ohio
Robert G. Brown is past president and CEO (1992–2001) of ZD Market Intelligence, a division of Ziff-Davis, a $1.3 billion integrated media and marketing firm for technology companies • Prior to ZDMI, founder and president of a consulting group • From 1984 to 1988, president of Quadram Corporation, where he grew the company from $30 million to over $65 million in three years • Graduate of Lehigh University and the Harvard Business School • Residence: Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Larry Chroman is Minister of Trade and Commerce, Global Country of World Peace • Former Vice-President, Surya Financial • MA in Education, California State University • PhD, Maharishi European Research University • Residence: San Francisco 

Bruce Currivan is Technical Director at Broadcom Corporation / BS in Electrical Engineering, Cornell University / MSE in Electrical Engineering, Princeton University / Doctorate in Vedic Science, MERU. He has 40 years experience in technology development, including the first commercial Global Positioning System receiver, is the author of many technical papers and book chapters, and is an inventor with over 150 patents issued and pending. He served as Chairman of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 802.14 Physical Layer Subgroup and contributed to international cable modem standards.

Bob Daniels is Owner and Manager of Farris Properties LLC • Nationally recognized advisor to thousands of home service professionals • One of the first members of the Maharishi University of Management administrative staff • Vice-President and member of the Board of Directors, Maharishi Foundation • Chair of the Board of Directors, Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment • B.S. in Finance, California State Polytechnic University • Residence: Fairfield, Iowa
Michael Dillbeck is an an international administrator of the nonprofit Global Country of World Peace. He is also an International Research Professor and former International Vice President at Maharishi University of Management. He is a widely published researcher on the physiological, cognitive, and sociological effects of the Transcendental Meditation technique. A former Presidential Scholar, he received the degrees of B.A. (summa cum laude) from Benedictine College, and M.S. and Ph.D. from Purdue University. Residence: Champaign, Illinois. 
Susan Dillbeck is President of the International Foundation of Consciousness-Based Education. She is International Professor of Education at Maharishi University of Management. She received the degrees of B.A. from the University of Illinois; M.A. and Ph.D. in Education from the University of California, Berkeley; and a doctoral degree from Maharishi University of World Peace. Residence: Champaign, Illinois
Michael Dimick received the degrees of B.S.C.I. from Maharishi European Research University and MBA from Maharishi International University (now Maharishi University of Management). He is a businessman in Boise, Idaho.               

Barbara B. Dreier holds the degrees of A.B. in Biology from Radcliffe and Harvard Colleges and M.F.A. in Graphic Design from the Yale University School of Art. As an administrator of the Global Country of World Peace, she has responsibility for implementing consciousness-based programs for women around the world, primarily in education, health and culture. Residence: Fairfield, Iowa
Josephine Bain Fauerso received the degrees of B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities from the University of California, Berkeley, and M.A. in Education from Maharishi University of Management. She serves as Vice President of Amber Waves Music and as a Partner in Blanco Ventures. She writes on education and travel, and is active in historic preservation through her family’s museum and historic home in Texas. Residence: San Antonio, Texas
Paul Gelderloos is CEO Sahara International Ventures NV • Treasurer, Development Company Fortunate Living BV • CEO Pantheres Capital BV, owner and director of a spa and five private schools in the Netherlands • Board member, Stichting Maharishi Global Financing Research • former professor of Psychology, Maharishi University of Management • PhD, Catholic University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands • Residence: The Netherlands
Fred Gratzon is an entrepreneur and founder of the Great Midwestern Ice Cream Company, whose product was judged by People Magazine to be the best in America. He founded Telegroup, an international long distance carrier which grew to 1100 employees and over $300 million in annual sales. His companies repeatedly appeared on Inc. Magazine's list of the fastest growing companies in America. Residence: Fairfield, Iowa  
Doug Greenfield is a founding partner of Danaher Oil Company, the largest refined products oil brokerage firm serving the Midwest United States. He served as founding President of Maharishi Global Construction, a consulting and architectural design firm overseeing the application of Maharishi Vastu (Maharishi Vedic Architecture) principles, consulting on and completing over $500 million of Maharishi Vastu construction projects. 
Christopher William Hartnett was founder and chairman of USA Global Link and related companies. A pioneer in voice-over-Internet-protocol technology, he was a founding member of the International Resale Council of the Telecommunications Resellers Association, a delegate to the International Telecommunication Union, is a member of the Department of State International Telecommunication Advisory Committee, and received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Residence: Boone, North Carolina.

Vernon Katz, Adjunct Professor of Science of Creative Intelligence and Philosophy, Maharishi University of Management, received the degrees of B.A. and Ph.D. from Oxford University (England), and Doctorate of World Peace from Maharishi University of World Peace. He is currently a writer in London.

Carolyn Gaylord King is a researcher on the Transcendental Meditation technique and Professor in the Department of Physiology and Health at Maharishi University of Management. She conducted the first federally funded research projects involving the TM technique and is actively involved in research on the effects of TM on health. She received a B.A. from Southern Arkansas University and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. Residence: Fairfield, Iowa

Toby Lieb received the degree of B.F.A. from the Rhode Island School of Design. She was Founding PTA President and member of the Board of Directors of the Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment in Washington, DC. She is Chair of the Student Life Committee of the Board of Trustees. Residence: Fairfield, Iowa

Arthur “Bud” Liebler is Principal at Liebler MacDonald Communication Strategists • Former Senior Vice President of Marketing and Senior VP of Communications at Chrysler Corp., which became Daimler-Chrysler in 1998. He was named automotive “All Star” by Automotive News, Advertising Age, and PR Week. He was national chairman of the American Advertising Federation and president of both the Adcraft Club of Detroit and the Michigan Advertising Industry Alliance. Residence: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.
Edward Malloy is Mayor, Fairfield, Iowa • President and Partner, Danaher Oil Company, Fairfield, Iowa • Founder and present board member, Fairfield Entrepreneurs Association • Board member, Iowans for a Better Future • Advisory Board member, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation • Member, Citizens Advisory Council, Iowa State University Extension • Advisory Board member, Institute for Decision Making, University of Northern Iowa • BA, Ricker College • Residence: Fairfield, Iowa.

Ted McLaughlin has worked in positions of financial management for more than 20 years and is currently a trader and private investor. He was Chief Financial Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of Books Are Fun, Ltd., a leading display marketer of premium books and gifts in North America. Prior to that he was Chief Financial Officer of United Fuels International, Inc. and its affiliated United Companies, and a Controller at Informix Software, Inc.
Ravi Patel, MD is a board certified clinical oncologist. He is Founder and Managing Partner of Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center (CBCC). He serves as Principal Investigator in clinical research studies in cooperation with the UCLA School of Medicine, where he is Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine. His papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Clinical Oncology andClinical Lymphoma. His pioneering approach to patient care incorporates the emotional and spiritual aspects of health and its effect on family and friends. 

Robert Roth is National Director of Expansion, Global Country of World Peace (USA) • Executive Director of the Center for Leadership Performance, Maharishi University of Management • Vice-President, David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace • Education: BA, Political Science, University of California/Berkeley • Doctor of World Peace Honoris Causa • Residences: New York City and Fairfield, Iowa  
Steven Rubin founded United Fuels International, Inc. and Affiliates in 1980 and served as its Chairman and CEO for 25 years. United was one of the energy industry's leading brokerage firms prior to its acquisition in 2005. Dr. Rubin serves on the Boards of several other foundations affiliated with Maharishi University of Management and is also chief advisor for the development of the Transcendental Meditation Program in China.

Eric Schwartz is Founder and CEO, Cambridge Investment Research • Five-time winner of Investment Advisor magazine's coveted "Broker Dealer of the Year" award (2003, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012) • Featured in the cover stories of numerous major industry publications • Member of the founding Board of Directors and past Chairman of the Financial Services Institute (FSI), a membership association dedicated to serving the interests of independent Broker/Dealers and financial advisors • Residence: Fairfield, Iowa. 

Keith Wallace is the Founding President of the University. A pioneer in the neurophysiology of higher states of consciousness, his groundbreaking research on the physiology of meditation opened the door for its scientific study and application in the field of behavioral medicine. He received the degrees of B.S. in Physics and Ph.D. in Physiology from the University of California, Los Angeles, and did postdoctoral research at Harvard Medical School. 
Maureen M. Wynne is an attorney and serves as a Director and Secretary of Global Country of World Peace and other non-profit organizations that share common goals with the University • PhD in Law, Maharishi European Research University • JD, University of Texas School of Law • BA, Trinity University. Residence: Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa.
Robert G. Wynne is Mayor of Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa • BA, Stanford University, 1971 • SM, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1973 • Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration, Maharishi European Research University • Doctor of Laws in Public Administration, Maharishi University of Management. Earlier he served as Chair of the Academic Council, Dean of the School of Management, and Vice President of Expansion at Maharishi University of Management. Residence: Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa

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