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Campus Culture    
Active learning with outstanding faculty. You will receive personal attention and support from professors who care deeply for your growth and fulfillment. MUM emphasizes the value of student engagement and active learning. Students enthusiastically appreciate the varied teaching methodologies including case studies, field trips to leading businesses, guest speakers, in-class discussions, small group activities/projects, business simulations, student presentations, and various writing assignments.
Transcendental Meditation technique. You’ll learn the most widely practiced, extensively researched, and most effective method of self-development in the world. All students practice this simple, natural technique each day to improve learning ability, optimize brain functioning, and reduce stress. More about Transcendental Meditation.
One course per month. By taking one course per month, you will eliminate the stress of studying several subjects at once. Each month you’ll focus fully in a single subject, making learning easy and satisfying. This concept is also known as the “block” system.
International student community. With students from more than 80 countries on campus, you will meet friends from around the world and learn that the world is our family.
Enlightenment and world peace. Maharishi University of Management is the
leading university in the world specializing in development of human consciousness. It
is an ideal place to learn how to create and study the transformation of organizations
and society through developing and utilizing full human potential.
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