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Telephone Service    
Installation and Repair

1. Installing a Private Phone in Your Room    
2. Telephone Repair    
Calling to and from Campus Phones
1. Calling campus phones from other campus phones    
2. Calling campus phones from non-campus phones    
3. Calling non-campus phones from campus phones    
Telephone System Features
1. Transferring Calls to Another Number    
2. Setting Up a Three-Way Call    
3. Putting a Call on Hold and Calling Another Party    
4. Automatically Calling Back a Busy Number    
5. Forwarding All Calls    
6. Forwarding Calls If Your Number Is Busy or There Is No Answer    
7. Picking Up Calls from Other Phones    
8. Retrieving Calls at Another Phone    
9. Speed Dialing    
Phone Etiquette
1. Treat others as you would most like to be treated    
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