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Academic Support    

The Student Success Center provides learning assistance for students who need an extra boost in their study skills so they can take full advantage of the University’s unique educational experience.

We use all the traditional approaches to study skills, writing, and ESL. These include lessons on goal setting and time management, active listening and note taking, efficient study reading, preparing for and taking exams, paragraph development, and grammar exercises.

Advice on Study Skills

The documents linked on the left this are practical information  that is useful for students and faculty. We invite you to download and print out the materials if you like, though if you can use them online you may save a tree! Please note these materials are copyrighted by MUM.

We also encourage students to enroll in ED 110 Critical and Creative Thinking Seminar: Learning Strategies in a Globalizing World to develop personal academic success skills.

Maharishi University of Management students are welcome to contact the Student Success Center for advice on any area of academic support, including tutoring. The Center also offers feedback on written assignments.

Work-study positions are available for students who wish to become academic tutors. In addition, students may volunteer to serve as new student buddies. Students interested in these positions can email Sheila Swanson, Director of the Student Success Center.

Who To Contact

Sheila Swanson
Director of the Student Success Center

Dreier Building #105
Office Hours 10am-4pm
Monday thru Friday
extension 1229 on campus

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