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Critical and Creative Thinking (CCT) Seminars    
If thinking is the basis of action, clearer thinking leads to better actions — actions more likely to fulfill our desires. Since we all have desires we would like to fulfill, we ought to be interested in how to put the clearest thinking behind them.

But what is clear thinking?

Educators use the adjectives critical and creative to define clear thinking:

• Critical thinking refers to the habit of analyzing reasons given for a conclusion, including evaluating evidence in its favor. It also refers to an attitude of being open-minded and fair in examining arguments you don’t agree with.
  • Creative thinking refers to the ability to envision alternate explanations for conclusions, so that all sides of an argument can be examined. It also applies to the ability to come up with unique solutions to problems — solutions that may involve, for example, lateral thinking. Developing your creative and critical thinking abilities will be helpful to you not only in school but after you graduate:
  • In school — The best researchers and theorists in all academic disciplines excel in critical and creative thinking. To become an expert in a discipline requires developing these thinking processes.
  • After you graduate — Critical and creative thinking also helps you become a successful and responsible member of society — capable of fulfilling your personal goals while promoting the welfare of society.
Critical and Creative Thinking seminars — These seminars develop your critical and creative thinking skills while you focus on key issues or topics in various modern disciplines — and you’ll learn the vocabulary and develop the skills associated with deep thinking in that field.

Sample Courses (Course offerings each year may vary)




Learning Strategies for a Globalizing World (ED110)

Fine Arts

Spiritual Quest in Media, Myth, and Myself: The Hero’s Journey as the Development of Consciousness (FA 204)

Literature and Writing

Literature and Enlightenment: Spirituality in Western Thought (LIT 220)


The mathematics of infinity: From small to super-large (MATH 200)


Seminar in current topics in economics: Doing well by doing good (MGT 220)

Musical Arts

American Roots Music (MUS 223)

Physiology and Health

Examining systems of health care in light of cultural bias:  Alternative solutions for good health (PH 225)

Sustainable Living

Understanding and advocating for sustainability: The individual as the unit of sustainability (SL-G110)

Computer Science

Problem Solving with Computational Thinking: Using the Field of all Possibilities as The Source for All Solutions (CS105)


Learning Strategies for a Globalizing World (ED 110)

Fine Arts

Spiritual Quest in Media, Myth, and Myself: The Hero’s Journey as the Development of Consciousness (FA 204)

Creative Musical Arts

The Power of Sound (MUS 217)

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