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Department of Business Administration
The MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree is a general MBA degree covering the foundational areas of business. It is offered in various formats and specializations, as follows:
See admission requirements and degree requirements for on-campus MBA programs.

In addition to the on-campus programs mentioned above, MUM offers a hybrid MBA program, which includes both on-campus courses and off-campus courses with curricular practical training. See MBA for Accounting Professionals for more details.
The MBA is a general management degree requiring a minimum of 42 graduate credits. For students with no prior study in business, the MBA includes 18 credits of additional study in the various business functions: managing people and organizations, accounting, finance, marketing, operations, and business law, for a total of 60 credits.

The heart of the MBA consists of a specialization in one field or concentrations in a few fields. Every student must complete either a cross-functional specialization of at least 16 credits or three functional concentrations amounting to 18 credits. The specialization in Sustainable Business is offered every year. Other specializations and concentrations offered in any given year will depend on student demand. Popular areas of advanced study in the recent past have been Business Process Improvement, Accounting, Marketing, International Business, and Human Resource Development.

Sustainable Business
Because society increasingly recognizes the importance of sustainability, new opportunities abound, but an entrepreneurial approach is necessary to recognize and implement them. The curriculum of Maharishi University of Management offers a range of business courses to train students to create new businesses that offer life-sustaining products and services. Issues of ethical integrity, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability are integrated into all the business courses.

Maharishi University of Management embraces the vision that business can be “green both ways,” making money and operating in harmony with Nature. Examples of green business and “natural capitalism” — often referred to as “the next industrial revolution”—are integrated throughout the MBA curriculum.

At Maharishi University of Management, the theme of sustainability has five key components:
  • Self Sustainability — Developing your full mental potential, physical health, and leadership abilities through Consciousness-Based education
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship — Creating successful “green” businesses that produce real value for society
  • Sustainable Business Solutions — Learning techniques of continuous process improvement to sustain business success—serving the evolutionary needs of customers while eliminating waste for the business and the environment
  • Sustainable Management — Practicing the interpersonal and organizational skills needed to successfully carry out transformational change
  • Sustainable Living — Gaining advanced knowledge and experience in renewable energy production, renewable fuels, energy-saving devices and methods, organic agriculture, waste management, and the other principal fields of sustainable living
Work-Study Internship MBA Program
This program offers an opportunity for students to earn their MBA degree while working full-time in an internship position at Maharishi University of Management or with a local company. At the Fairfield, Iowa campus, these students take 26 credits per year in the evenings and on weekends rather than the normal 44 credits per year for daytime students. By studying in the evenings, their internship work during the day becomes a form of curricular practical training for which they can get academic credit by integrating and applying the knowledge they learn in class. As a result, this program can be completed in two and a half years.
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