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Gerry Geer
Gerald T. Geer
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Literature and Writing
Email: ggeer
Phone: (641) 472 0577

Professor Geer earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Harvard. Professional Writer. Teaches First Year Rhetoric and Non-Fiction in Advanced Writing courses, Coordinator of First Year and Advanced Writing Courses.


1991–           Assistant Professor of Literature and Writing, Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa. Responsible for administering and overseeing the Undergraduate Writing Program and composition courses, including administration and evaluation of writing assessments, placement of students in appropriate sections, and review of transfer credit applications; creating syllabi for first-year composition courses, courses on higher states of consciousness, and upper-division courses on literary nonfiction and persuasive argument; and teaching more than 2,000 students in limited-enrollment, highly interactive classes.

2001–           Director of Communications, Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy, Fairfield, Iowa. Responsible for writing and editing all policy statements, proposals, newsletters, fundraising letters, academic and governmental communications, promotional materials, email news broadcasts, and website content.

1995–2004   Director of Publications, Natural Law Party, Fairfield, Iowa. Responsible for researching and co-writing the 1996 and 2000 Natural Law Party platforms; writing and editing policy statements, newsletters, email news flashes, voter guide information, publicity brochures, and website content for the 1996 and 2000 Hagelin presidential campaigns and for many candidate campaigns across the nation; and fielding all policy questions from the public, both by email and phone.

1985–           Freelance editor, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Fairfield, Iowa. Working with various publishing houses, edited and copyedited over 200 academic textbooks, multiple issues of 15 quarterly academic journals, and several doctoral theses.

1985–1987   National Lecturer, Public Awareness Campaigns. Promoted and led TM program seminars in 12 cities across the country as part of a nationwide media/teaching campaign; gave introductory presentations to audiences of 50 to 500 people; and signed up an average of 20% on the spot, with a $400 course fee required on signing.

1976–1977   Director, Academy for the Science of Creative Intelligence, Livingston Manor, New York. Oversaw all areas of operation, including activities and well-being of over 400 staff; a monthly budget of $100,000; production and publications of a $1 million printing press; video and film production of a $1 million studio; an instructional department with 100–400 visiting students per month; and all hiring and firing of personnel.

1974–1977   Director, Instructional Department, Academy for the Science of Creative Intelligence, Livingston Manor, New York. Administered and taught weekend, weeklong, one-month, and three-month in-residence courses for visiting students, with several thousand graduates; identified and hired course leaders; and oversaw course library and all related materials.


At ease with meeting tight deadlines and creating polished texts from fragmentary input; at home with both Macs and PCs, as well as Word, Quark, Excel, and website layouts.


1984–1985   Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Some graduate study.
1968–1972   Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts. B.A. magna cum laude in English.
1964–1968   The Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, New Hampshire. High honors.


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