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James Fairchild


  • Brigham Young University, B.A. English, Provo, Utah
  • The University of Utah, M.A. English, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • The University of Iowa, Ph.D. English, Iowa city, Iowa


Perennial Human Problems in the Novels of Kingsley Amis — A critical analysis of the major themes, character, and moral vision in Amis’s novels. Winner of the Booker Prize (England’s highest literary honor) in 1987 and knighted in 1990 for his contribution to English letters, Amis was one of England’s most important 20th century novelists. This dissertation discusses the writer’s role as a humanist and explores his views on such issues as the moral decline of 20th century civilization and the role of women in society.

Areas Of Concern:

  • 19th Century British Literature
  • 20th Century British Poetry
  • 20th Century British Novel
  • 20th Century American Novel


I began teaching fulltime at Maharishi University of Management in October1995. I taught Professional Writing on the graduate level for seven years until the department closed in 2001. Also, I have been teaching courses for the Literature Department since 1997 and am their novel specialist. My teaching duties this year include The Science of Creative Intelligence (ComPro), Writing and Photography, Native American Literature, College Composition I, College Composition II, and American Transcendentalism. While a graduate student, I had seven years teaching experience in literature and composition as a teaching assistant at the University of Iowa and one year before that at The University of Nevada Las Vegas. Also, I have taught two years on the secondary level, 7–12. For the past nine years, I have been teaching literature, composition, speech, and photography part time at Indian Hills College in Ottumwa, Iowa, and over the Iowa Cable Network.


            Bonneville Jr. High    Salt Lake City, Utah
                        English, 7th and 9th grades

            Webb School of California     Claremont, California
                        English, 10th–12th grades

            University of Nevada at Las Vegas     Las Vegas, Nevada
                        Rhetoric, Introduction to Composition

            University of Iowa     Iowa City, Iowa
Introduction to Literature, Narrative Literature, Comic and Tragic Literature, Medieval and Renaissance Literature

            Maharishi University of Management      Fairfield, Iowa
Introduction to Professional Writing, Practicum, Graduate Internship, Journalism, Technical Writing, Photojournalism, Screenwriting, Electronic Portfolio, Science of Creative Intelligence, 18th, 19th, and 20th Century Novel, Modern British Literature, Modern European Literature, Ramayana, American Transcendentalism, College Composition I and II, Renaissance Literature, The Peace Film, The History of Film, The Art of Film, Writing and Photography


I worked both part time and full time as a free-lance editor for Nevada Publications from 1975–1980. My duties included everything from general proofreading to stylistic changes and total rewrites. I researched and wrote over 3,000 bibliographical annotations and organized material for the publication of an annotated bibliography of Nevada.

During 1992–1994, I worked for one year as a full-time writer/editor for the MIU Office of Public Affairs and, afterwards, as director of the university publication MIU World for two years.  Also, I handled most of the financial and administrative tasks connected with producing MIU World. Basically, I did everything except design the publication.

Among many other consulting jobs, I have edited several books for publication, was the principal copy editor for the publication Everybody’s News, and edited (basically rewrote) a doctoral dissertation on psychology. Currently, I am editing a comprehensive history of World War II.


Editor and ghostwriter, Nevada: An Annotated Bibliography, 1979
Editor, Modern Science and Vedic Science
A number of articles in the Maharishi Ayurveda Products International, Inc., Newsletter
 “Dream Cats,” a poem, in Sparrow Grass Poetry Forum, Winter, 1998
“Vedic Vibrations Technology: More than Just Relief,” Enlightenment Magazine, September, 1999
“Skip Alexander—A Visionary and a Warrior,” Journal of Adult Development, Volume 7, Number 4, October 2000
“Yogic Flyers Rush to the Golden Domes,” Enlightenment Magazine, Dec., 2001
A number of articles in MIU World, MUM Review, and The Iowa Source, including “Junkyard Oz: The Flea Market Boom in America” in the September, 2001, issue of The Iowa Source
I have published numerous photos, usually to illustrate my own articles, in local publications. For a sample of my best work, see the flea market article above.


Passed M.A. exam with honors
Received highest score on the clerical exam in the history of the Los Angeles School District


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