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Dining Policies    

    University ID Cards — All students receive a University ID Card at registration. Students on a meal plan receive an appropriate meal plan sticker and bar code on this card. Please show your ID card to the door checker and scan your bar code when you enter the dining hall. (Lost cards can be replaced at the Enrollment Center for a fee.) Everyone who wishes to dine in Annapurna is required to have a proper badge or meal pass, or pay at the door. Students who forget their badge will be required to submit payment for the meal, which will be placed in an envelope with their name on it. If they bring their valid badge the next day, they can receive their payment back.

    Meal Passes for 10, 20, or 30 meals are available at the MUM Bookstore.

    Note: Children under six are admitted for half price.

    Food carry-out is available by purchasing carry-out containers from the door-checker. No other food containers are allowed inside the serving area.

    Friends who are ill: If a friend is ill, you must present his or her badge and ask for paper products for take-out.

    Tableware: Glasses, plates, silverware and cups, as well as salt and pepper shakers should never be taken from the dining room.

    Kitchen area: Only on-duty Food Service personnel are allowed in the kitchen area at any time. Please ask the door checker if you need to see someone in the kitchen area.

    Dress for the dining hall:

       Neat, dignified, and modest clothing appropriate to the occasion is encouraged at all times.

       Torn, stained, and sloppy clothing are not appropriate.

       T-shirts and shorts other than short shorts may be worn in the dining hall.

       Shoes are required for protective reasons.

       Students from other cultures and traditions are welcome to wear traditional dress provided the appearance is neat and modest.

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