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Daily Routine
Attendance and Punctuality
Standards of Appearance
File Sharing and Copyright Protection
Promoting Respectful Behavior
What To Do In Case of Sexual Harassment or Violence
Tobacco-Free Campus
Alcohol & Drug Use
General Remedial Procedures
Attendance and Punctuality    
Students are expected to attend and participate in all classes, except when they are sick or have a family emergency or some other compelling reason. This allows students to gain the maximum from Consciousness-based Education.

Repeated unexcused absences and tardiness are a violation of the Code of Student Behavior. In addition to academic consequences (described in the section on Academic Responsibility in this Code), students with repeated unexcused absences are subject to the following actions.

If a student misses six sessions of a 6-week class, four sessions of a 4-week class or 2 sessions of a 2-week class for reasons other than the allowable sickness or family emergency, the student will be placed on Attendance Alert 1. If the student then has another unexcused absence in that class, the student will be invited to a conference with an Associate or Assistant Dean of Students, who will place the student on Attendance Alert 2. If a student on Attendance Alert 2 misses yet another class without proper excuse, the Associate or Assistant Dean of Students will call a Student Support Meeting, and the student will likely be suspended from the University.
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