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Resident Advisor Program    

Christopher Taft, Director, Resident Advisor program • Dreier Building, Room 111

• E-mail:

Phone ext. 1384 (or 641-451-1179)

Alvaro Monasterio, Associate Director, Resident Advisor program • Dreier Building, Room 113

Mailbox: MR# 7 • E-mail:

Phone ext. 4804 (641) 472-7000 ext. 4804

The Resident Advisor (RA) program has been designed to promote the fulfillment of a healthy and well-balanced residential life experience. RA’s are both residence hall administrators and community developers.

 RA’s Areas of Responsibility

       Develop Community

       Uphold Community Standards & University Policy

       Safety & Security in the Residence Halls

Students who wish to apply to be an RA can fill out the application online:

Applicants are asked to be familiar with the guidelines in the M.U.M. Student Handbook (especially those on housing, guests, fire regulations, and student conduct) as well as the Resident Advisor Job Description (which is available in the Residential Life website:

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