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Daniel Zajic

My five years at MUM were very enjoyable. Learning and having fun with people from all over the world was a rare opportunity. More importantly, however, I gained the knowledge and tools that have helped me make successful decisions now that I am in the world on my own.

I feel like I became an expert in choosing the right path on a small scale (decisions made each minute, each second), as opposed to a large scale (life decisions). Anyone who knows the secret to success knows that large scale is achieved one small detail at a time. I left MUM with the confidence that anything was possible, because I knew how to take small but powerful steps towards a goal.

I can’t imagine having gone to a school where the focus was solely on the knowledge specific to my field, without a corresponding emphasis on universal laws, and on improving the container for knowledge (i.e. myself!). It’s like the difference between handing a poor person some money to buy some food, and giving them some land, seeds and the knowledge about how to grow their own food. The former is valuable, but the latter is invaluable.

My education at MUM was invaluable. I think that’s the standard by which a school should be measured.


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