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A Forest Academy is a two-week period of study of particular themes of Vedic Science, where students will explore, through direct experience and understanding, the most vital element in creation — the field of pure consciousness that is the inner intelligence at the basis of every individual and the entire universe.

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FOR 103 Health-Related Fitness    
FOR 419 Inspiration through Film    
FOR 421 World Art and Media    
FOR 423 Leadership for Community Building    
FOR 424 Professional Success    
FOR 432 The Philosophy of Action    
FOR 433 Women, Wisdom and the World    
FOR 434 The Creative Process    
FOR 438 Ideal Relationships    
FOR 446 Nobel Laureates    
FOR 462 Maharishi Yoga Asanas    
FOR 463 Ramayana    
FOR 469 Maharishi on God and Religion    
FOR 470 Maharishi Vedic Science and Sustainability    
FOR 4531 Reading the Vedic Literature and Gandharva Veda    
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