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Stephen Hopson

When I first came to MUM, I had not been enrolled at a university since 1982; naturally I was apprehensive. I was also wondering how I'd learn something like Sanskrit — an ancient language that is an integral component of the curriculum in the particular masters program I wanted to study.

It turned out I need not have worried because not only did I make a lot of friends, but I also managed to learn how to speak and write Sanskrit! Sanskrit seemed difficult at first, but within three months I was practically singing it! Pronouncing the sounds had an incredible impact on my physiology. With practice, Sanskrit became something I valued and cherished.

I excelled and graduated with a 4.0 because of the incredible amount of love and support that I received from the faculty, students and staff, including Leslee Goldstein, my interpreter; it completely rocked my academic world.

I loved the block system because it allowed me to take one subject at a time and totally focus on one, rather than many subjects. Of course, learning Transcendental Meditation and having it as part of our daily routine was a huge benefit. I gained clarity, confidence and incredible support of Nature that continues to this day.


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