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Troy Van Beek

Finding MUM was a blessing to me. Hearing the words of spiritual leaders like Gandhi, convinced me that if I truly wanted to make a positive difference in the world I needed to be the change I wanted to see.

MUM was time well spent. This was, and continues to be, a most unique situation and experience. Having so many people come together in one place, interested in a common goal of peace, is extraordinary and should not be taken lightly. In computer terms I would say that MUM gave me the ability to "defrag" my brain and body. From this I've been able to rest and take in a whole new world of possibilities.

My experience was of an evolving University, daily Transcendental Meditation, and a unique town full of inspired and exceptional people. It is my hope that MUM will continue to have a profound impact on the people of the coming generations. Getting a degree in sustainability opens one's eyes to the challenging times ahead of us. It will take our full potential of 200% — both 100% inner awareness and 100% outer expression — to meet these challenges.


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