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Ceyrena Kay

At MUM I found what I had been missing in my previous experience of higher education: knowledge through a deeper connection to myself — based in experience, not just intellectual understanding. While studying at MUM, I started to see connections between various areas of study and how the best solutions to any problem solve it on a deeper, more fundamental level.

I found fulfillment of what I learned at MUM in my profession of landscape architecture, where design solutions must integrate many different — and sometimes contradictory — site conditions as well as the needs of the various constituents who will use the outdoor space. I am always looking for the deeper, more abstract idea that will integrate seemingly unrelated, fragmented information.

I have found that what I learned at MUM gave me a foundation of knowledge and experience that can be applied to all areas of my life no matter what I do. I feel confident in whatever I do and wherever I go, knowing that I am always connected to the source of all knowledge through my practice of TM.


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