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MATH 200 Mathematics and Infinity

Exploring the Full Range of Mathematics and Seeing Its Source in Your Self

Mathematics takes place in the imagination, in consciousness, unlimited either by finite measuring instruments, by the senses, or even by the feelings. At the same time, mathematics has strict criteria for right knowledge. The power of mathematics lies in bringing infinity out into the finite and making it useful in everyday life — from deciding which bank offers the best return on money, to medical imaging, to designing textiles, to creating a work of art, to putting a man on the moon. In this course, students explore many different ways in which mathematics expresses, emerges from, and uses infinity and its self-interacting dynamics. They look at the foundation of mathematics in the infinitary processes of set theory, the universe of sets, different sizes of infinity, the continuum and its limit process, sequences and series, infinite replication, and applications of infinity in many areas of life. (4 credits)


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