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MATH 490 Senior Project

Integration of All Knowledge in the Self

Students write a substantial paper unifying the knowledge gained from the courses taken during their major and relating this knowledge to deep principles from Maharishi Vedic Science. This paper may take the form of: 1) An integrated summary of main ideas from the courses taken during their major, addressing themes and questions to be provided by the Department of Mathematics, or 2) A paper integrating the 40 Aspects of the Vedic Literature and Raja Raam’s discoveries to mathematics. They may relate mathematics to the 40 Aspects of the Vedic Literature as Raja Raam has done for physiology in his book “Human Physiology: Expression of the Veda” and “Ramayan in Human Physiology”, or they may explore the significance and consequences of Raja Raam’s discoveries for mathematics, or 3) A report of research conducted by the student on a mathematical topic or problem chosen in conjunction with the Department of Mathematics. In all of these cases, the paper will be made by the student into a poster for submission for presentation at the annual Knowledge Celebration in May of the year of completion of the major. (4 credits) Prerequisite: consent of the instructor


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