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Federal Student Loan Records    
The federal student loans that you borrow through all schools, and all lenders, are tracked by the National Student Loan Data System,

You may access your federal student loan records using the same pin that you use when you file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you have forgotten your PIN you can get it at

Only federal loans are tracked, not private or institutional loans. This information is accessible to guaranty agencies, eligible lenders, and eligible institutions of higher education.

This information is useful to track your loans, especially if you attend multiple schools. Each loan is listed along with the current status of the loan and the lender contact information.

You may also use this information on your application for consolidation of your federal loans, at Consolidation brings all your federal loans into one package, and gives you access to Income Contingent Repayment as well as the Public Service Forgiveness option.
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