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The Individual is Cosmic: Veda & Physiology    
This course presents the beautiful electronic Model of Vedic Physiology designed by Maharishi to Professor Tony Nader's discovery to enliven brain coherence, the body's inner intelligence, and promote improved physiological functioning. Under Maharishi's guidance, Professor Tony Nader, M.D., PhD, discovered the one-to-one correspondence of Veda and human physiology. Maharaja explains that total natural law is within us, and is available to us in the sounds of the Vedic literature, which are vibrations of the Self. These sounds become the physiology--our brain, our heart--our whole physiology is a replica of Veda and Vedic literature.

When you take this course, the combination of understanding, hearing, seeing, and experiencing will link the intellectual understanding of Maharaja's discovery with the direct experience of Veda in the human physiology. This allows the viewer an opportunity to realize how these sounds enliven the body's innate intelligence. This experience can lead to the absorption of a key aspect in Maharishi's teaching: natural law is the source and basis of our existence and can be used to enliven the body's inner intelligence.

Participants will enjoy the following topics covered in the course:
  • Understanding the important role attention plays in developing good health and your full creative potential.
  • Gaining knowledge of the physiological systems that comprise your human body.
  • Learning about the relationship between consciousness, Veda, and human physiology.
  • Enjoying the experience of cultivating your brain physiology through seeing a highlighted sequence of physiological systems, while hearing the corresponding sounds of Rk Veda during the playing of the Model of Vedic Physiology.
  • Appreciating how your brain's inherent ability to change allows disorderly structure and function to be transformed into more orderly structure and function for improved health.
  • Experiencing a brainwave demonstration to illustrate the dramatic improvement in brain integration through the use of Maharishi's Vedic Science and Technology.
  • Realizing the fundamental value of Self-Referral dynamics of nature in creating total brain functioning, health, and enlightenment.
For more information, see course details on MUM's Distance Learning page.
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