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PhD in Physiology    
This special research degree is designed for doctoral-level health professionals or those with a master’s in physiology, or the equivalent, to conduct original research on the effects of Maharishi AyurVeda and Transcendental Meditation® technique on areas of health and physiology. Maharishi University of Management continues to develop the scientific understanding of the application of natural, prevention-oriented health care for the improvement of the health and well being of the individual and society.

The objectives of the PhD in Physiology program are:
  1. To give students training in research design and implementation at the doctoral level, leading to publication, and
  2. To provide a program for advanced original research on the effects of modalities of Maharishi AyurVeda, including Transcendental Meditation, on:
  • cardiovascular health, or
  • aging, or
  • improvement in PTSD and other areas of stress-related health disorders, or
  • neuroscience application in health.
For more information about research at MUM, please check out the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention.
Program Directors    
Dr. Robert Schneider

Dr. Robert Keith Wallace
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