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Top Priorities for Library Donations    
  1. New library carpeting: $20,000. 
  2. Air conditioner for entire Library/Science building. Should be in place before it gets warm. Price being investigated (teh university is looking at greener models)
  3. Foundational work. Price being investigated.
Proposed MUM Library Renovations    
Note: these proposals are tentative. Feedback and creative ideas are welcome; small donations can be offered to the Library Director (under $100; larger should go through the Development Office).

1st Tier:  Must-haves immediately (*** for most urgent):

  • Landscaping east entrance. Status: underway. 
  • Library Sign – Brass-look plastic lettering reading “LIBRARY” on the brick wall immediately to the south of the East-facing library entrance. Status: donated.
  • Carpet or otherwise cover floor of tech area ***
  • ADA-compliant entrance at the Library east entrance, with automatic door opening (***)
  • ADA-compliant restroom access (***)

2nd Tier: No new construction required(**for most urgent)

● Computer Hardware - Purchase 4 new computers for public use. ** Status: purchased. four more are now required for the study carrels.

● Computer Software - Update older PCs to Windows 7 OS. ** Status: in process.

● Carpet - Replace ancient crumbling, filthy library carpet with new “green” carpeting.  (Approx. 4,500 sq. yards.) ** Status: carpet replaced in former Reference Room. Carpeting is ordered for the public area in the library.

● Ceiling – Install a new dropped ceiling.  

● Walls - New paint on all walls

● Windows -  Replace single-paned North windows with energy-efficient, double-paned windows.**

3rd Tier: Construction work required

  •  Windows - Install clerestory windows around the perimeter of the raised ceiling above the library concourse (to provide natural lighting. Put a white-painted ledge under the window to increase reflection of light. Note: public areas should have abundant natural lighting, but books and tapes prefer cool and dark: retain timers and do not install skylights over books. 
  • Service Entrance - Install a service entrance immediately to the North of the  East-facing library entrance.  This would involve installing a new set of double doors as well as widening the path leading to the East side of the library (this may require building a retaining wall).
  • New main entrance/circulation desk - Move current Director’s office to west end of library (where current main entrance is) and relocate the circulation and reference desks to the current director’s office area (directly inside the East entrance). This change will involve outsourcing the book relocation (Professionals have special boxes so that the collection does not get mixed up and can quickly be made available for patron use again).
  • Upgrade the east entrance to include a glassed-in weather foyer. This will be essential for the comfort of the patron public computer area, which will be moved to the southeast side of the library for continued contact with the reference librarian.
  • Install a skylight over the new public computer area and another skylight inside the renovated east entrance.
  • Public Computers - Move the public computer section to the area directly to the South of the East entrance.  This would necessitate moving the East stacks westward into the area that is currently occupied by the circulation desk.  This would not technically require construction, but it would require a significant amount of labor.
  • Bathrooms - install ADA-compliant bathrooms on the library main floor, along the south wall. **
  • Reserved parking for library users. **

4th Tier:  “Other” 

  • Install geothermal heating or other energy-efficient heating and cooling for the library. Status: the air conditioning unit is being replaced for the building.
  • Fully landscape the hill on the north side of the library: terracing, fruit trees or as appropriate. Status: in planning stages.
  • Install large planters in the center of the library concourse. (Possibly collaborate with Sustainable Living to showcase edible plants.)
  • Refinish all library furniture. Status: some have been refinished and we are looking for an expert who has this kind of skill and is willing to finish the job at hourly or work study wages.
  • Open a “beverage cart” in the upgraded east entrance.
  • Install a patio (with tables, chairs & a privacy fence) outside the upgraded east entrance. 
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