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Creative Writing

Creative Writing: What pulls us to express ourselves in writing?    

Creative Writers are among the most admired members of society. To be a creative writer is to be skilled in self-expression, gifted in finding the exact word for the occasion, keen in crafting the phrase that both informs and delights. Writers cultivate the imagination. They are a kind of magi, who do not simply convey information; they conjure linguistic patterns that resonate with the collective depth of human consciousness.

Though often visionary in the extraordinary insights they perceive, creative writers are also practical. They have honed their craft and developed skills that never go out of fashion. Good writers have always been needed to say what others cannot, or cannot say with grace and power. Every organization, every business, needs those who can communicate imaginatively and well. If you can write well, you will always have an advantage in your education or your profession.

Being a good writer, possessing the ability to use language effectively, to understand how to edit what others have written not so well, makes for so many the difference between acquiring a particularly position or being promoted in your current occupation.

Of course, the great value of writing creatively is the joy of saying what you want to say rather than approximating what you want to say. Good writers are like like ballerinas who have such control over their bodies they can make any move a choreographer can devise. Creative writers discover who they are through the act of writing, and like all artists, their creations tell their stories.
Graduation Requirements for Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing    
​For the Creative Writing track in English, we offer two options:
Option #1

​B.A. in English: Creative Writing
44 credits of Creative Writing Courses (WTG) 200 or higher
LIT 205 Introduction to Literature and Creative Writing
LIT 497 Senior Thesis
Alternative: Students may substitute some literature courses for creative writing courses (up to 24 units)
Option #2
​B.A. in English: Literature and Creative Writing
​24 credits of creative writing courses (WTG)
20 credits of literature courses (LIT)
LIT 205 Introduction to Literature and Creative Writing
LIT 497 Senior Thesis
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