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Graduate Programs in Education    

Graduate study in education at MUM combines the best of eastern study of the science and technology of consciousness with the best of western social science education research — one could say the best of subjective and objective approaches to teaching and learning.

Specifically, it combines the science and technology of Consciousness-Based education, which includes knowledge and strategies for making knowledge meaningful and comprehensible to students, with the best evidence-based strategies from social science to support high levels of achievement. Together the two areas of knowledge support the novice or veteran educator in creating a classroom with meaningful learning, low stress and high achievement.

Our programs focus on educational innovation in the realm of teaching and learning, with a secondary focus on school-wide reforms oriented toward boosting achievement and intellectual performance. Students in the program become familiar with the range of innovation in today’s schools, and add new strategies to their repertoire as quickly as they can integrate them.

The goal of the program is to develop the candidate as a person and as a professional. Transcendental Meditation, one of the key technologies used in the program, has been shown to increase creative thinking, intellectual functioning, and holistic brain functioning — ideally suited to the demands of teaching. Other significant knowledge or technologies include

  • knowledge of unified theories in physics, physiology, and neuroscience for a new foundation to education;
  • digital technologies for teaching and learning;
  • designs of learning that connect all knowledge to an interdisciplinary framework based on personal experience; and
  • strategies for building community.

Four Options for Graduate Study    

The M.A. in Education offers students four options leading to the same degree, though with different tracks for different career paths:

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