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Standards of Appearance    
The way we dress has an effect on ourselves and on everyone around us. The faculty seek to create a coherent, focused, and dignified atmosphere on campus and in the classroom that supports the gaining and applying of knowledge. Faculty ask that students dress in keeping with this purpose. This means:
  • Neat, dignified, and modest clothing appropriate to the occasion is encouraged at all times.
  • Torn, stained, and sloppy clothing are not appropriate.
  • Immodest or revealing clothing is not appropriate (e.g., short shorts or mini-skirts).
  • Shorts are not appropriate for class, but shorts (other than short shorts) may be worn in the dining hall or while doing class projects outside the classroom when appropriate as determined by the faculty.
  • Students from other cultures and traditions are welcome to wear traditional dress provided the appearance is neat and modest
Academic departments may have additional standards of dress appropriate to their field of
professional preparation. Meditation halls may have their own dress guidelines.
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