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General Policy on Wireless    
  • Certain areas on campus are designated as wifi-free - including but not limited to the domes, TM Sidhi program halls, and other areas. Neither the University nor a student may establish wireless in these areas.
  • In certain other areas, the University will establish and support wireless with its own devices.  Individuals may not establish wireless in these areas.  Over time these areas will expand to meet the demand as University resources permit.
  • Areas not in either of the above may have wireless set up by individuals.  The owner of the Wireless Router must be responsible for configuring it properly.  Otherwise, its network access will be disabled - to prevent disruption of service to others.
  • A Wifi Committee will determine the specific areas described above. It consists of the Chief Administrative Officer, the Dean of Faculty,  the Dean of Student Life, and the IT Director.
  • The IT department is responsible for setting up and maintaining the university supported wireless, and administering these policies.
Wireless / Wireless-Free Areas:    
  • Men's and Ladies' domes
  • Other TM Sidhi Program Halls
  • 5 Vastu Residence Halls
  • Annapurna Dining Commons


  • Library - Public area
  • High Rises: Buildings 140 - 144
  • Hildebrand - all except South Wing 
  • Argiro Student Lounge
  • Some Classrooms, by faculty request
  • Dalby Hall for Special Events

These areas can have wireless at the discretion and agreement of those living in the area.  If agreement cannot be reached, the University will support and favor the NO Wifi policy in those areas, as a precautionary measure. 

It should be noted that wired connections have been installed in almost every campus building and room, and there are adapters for some wifi-only devices that enable them to connect through a wired connection.

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