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Student Parents    
We welcome student parents at MUM, and think that you will enjoy the unique combination of an uplifting and enjoyable academic experience along with the charming small town living environment that your child will have in Fairfield, Iowa. Most centrally, your school age child will have the opportunity to attend the most innovative and uplifiting K-12 in the world: The Maharishi School.
It is a richly satisfying experience for a parent to enjoy the mutually supportive and positive life of a student at MUM while at the same time their precious child is having a similarly uplifting experience just a few buildings away.
We are committed to providing the best possible mix  of student and parent life, and we invite you to personally inquire about your parenting needs. Several of our admissions agents are parents themselves and all can help you with what you need to know about moving your family to Fairfield and joining our family-friendly learning environment.
Please also see the website for The Maharishi School, which is situated right by our campus.
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