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Full Moon Celebration

Date: 1/26/2013Start Time: 8:00 PMEnd Time: 9:00 PMLocation: Dalby Hall, Argiro Student Center

The Ultimate Flying Club invites you to come and enjoy the January Full Moon Celebration.


Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 8:00 PM, Dalby Hall


The celebration will include group Sanskrit reading and knowledge on the theme:

Svara Shiksha and Yogic Flying

Maharishi explains the importance of reading the Vedic text in Sanskrit:

“Because of the absolute, orderly sequence in which the Sa?hita flows, whenever the Vedic Mantras (Vedic Hymns) are recited, the brain activity is set in that pattern of natural, orderly flow; the brain activity is completely natural and there is no stress and strain in any part of the brain, in any fibre of the brain; the activity of every fibre automatically enlivens that level of intelligence which is at the unmanifest source of the physical existence of the brain fibres, and is the common basis of the intelligence of each brain fibre.

This means that when the Vedic Text is correctly pronounced in its proper sequence, it stimulates all elements of the brain physiology to be fully alert and to function holistically in a coherent, orderly manner. This means that the intelligence of each fibre of the brain physiology, each specific Law of Nature, is performing its natural activity along with the holistic performance of the total brain physiology. This means that during Vedic Recitation the total potential of Natural Law is enlivened in the brain.”
Maharishi, Wholeness on the Move, 2nd ed., 1997, pp. 299-300

The Program:

• Tape: Maharishi explains the origin of Yogic Flying as the quality of expansion in Shiksha – (12min)

• Presentation on Shabda Brahm in Svara Shiksha and in Human Physiology –  by Dr. Peter Freund  ( 10 min)

• Group recitation of Svara Shiksha – led by Vivek Vaidyanathan(40 min). You will get handouts in Sanskrit or in Roman text, so all can participate.

Please join us


Dalby Hall, Saturday, January 26, 2013, 8:00 pm


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