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Full Moon Celebration

Date: 2/25/2013Start Time: 8:15 PMEnd Time: 9:15 PMLocation: Dalby Hall

February 25, 2013 Full Moon Celebration

Celebrating the Revival of Katyayani Shiksha and celebrating the greatest most auspicious Kumbha Mela in 146 years


Listening to the recitation of the beginning and ending verses of Shiksha, recited by Maharishi Vedic Pandits, from the 2-CD set published by Vedic-Arts.  (20 min.)

Katyayani Shiksha is a small but important Shiksha, one of the 60 main texts making up the corpus of Vedic Shiksha. The only known manuscript, written on paper in Devanagari script, was located in the library of the University of Bombay. There will be a brief discussion of this Shiksha, and then a group recitation in Sanskrit of all 11 verses of the text, probably the first public recitation of the entire text in hundreds of years!  (15 min.)

In celebration of this Grand Kumbha Mela, the greatest in the 146 year cycle of Kumbha Mela celebrations, we will play a very special tape of Maharishi made at the Kumbha Mela in 1966. In this amazing 17 minute talk, Maharishi describes the different milestones on the path to full enlightenment, telling a delightful story from the Vedic Literature as an illustration.  He also describes his own inaugural speech to a symposium of scholars at Kumbha Mela, and reflects on the importance of collecting together all the scattered texts of Vedic Literature. Finally, he emphasizes the value of the recitation of the sounds of the texts of Vedic Literature without regard to meaning.  This is an historic lecture, highlighting the great successes of the movement at that time, the successes which formed the basis in later years for the World Plan and for the Global Administration of Natural Law, and the Global Country of World Peace.

Everyone is invited to enjoy!

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