Entrance Requirements
Graduation Requirements
Program Learning Outcomes and Assessments
Reading the Vedic Literature
MVS PhD Overview    

“My Vedic Science not only includes within its range all knowledge about everything in the universe, and not only gives the student intellectual understanding, but also gives him the spontaneous ability to know anything, do anything, and accomplish anything. It actually enlivens infinite Creative Intelligence in the simplest form of his awareness, and makes him spontaneously live all possibilities and fulfillment in his daily life.”Maharishi

You begin the doctoral program of study, the highest level of academic study of Maharishi Vedic Science, after completion of the Master’s Degree.

The first year involves in-depth study of:

  • the foundational principles of Maharishi Vedic Science, including Maharishi’s most recent publications
  • Sanskrit and reading Vedic Literature
  • scientific research on the Transcendental Meditation® program
  • scientific methodology
  • the discovery of Veda in the human physiology

After the year of class, students specialize in one of four tracks:

Reading Vedic Literature Track

In the Vedic Literature track you will spend approximately two and a half years reading the Vedic Literature in Sanskrit and experiencing the profound personal development that accompanies this research. Then you will write a dissertation, systematically describing the results of your research in the Vedic Literature.

Application of Maharishi Vedic Science Track:

In the applications of Maharishi Vedic Science track you will apply a specific technology of Maharishi Vedic Science to a particular area of society and then document any changes that may occur.

Modern Science and Vedic Science Track:

In the Modern Science and Maharishi Vedic Science track you will write a theoretical paper describing principles from an academic discipline and how those principles compare to principles brought out in Maharishi Vedic Science.

Higher States of Consciousness Track

In the Higher States of Consciousness track you will document higher states of consciousness through physiological and psychological research, or alternatively, give a theoretical account of higher states of consciousness as described in historical or religious literature.

Exploration of the Principles of Maharishi Vedic Science in the Vedic literature.

In the Principles of Maharishi Vedic Science in the Vedic literature track you will explore different branches of the Vedic literature in detail.

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