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Transcendental Meditation® Technique
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Knowledge of the Knower videoAt MUM, "Self knowledge" is not just an intellectual process. It’s the direct experience of your own innermost nature — the state of pure consciousness, the underlying reality of life.

This experience is gained through a simple, natural procedure — the Transcendental Meditation® technique. All students and faculty meditate 20 minutes twice daily at MUM.

MUM offers Consciousness-Based Education℠, where you’ll discover how each field of study is connected at the deepest level to your own Self, making learning much more satisfying, relevant, and exciting.

Albert Einstein“All that lies before us and all that lies behind us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
— Ralph Waldo Emerson, 
American writer, philosopher, and poet, 1803-1882
Helen Keller“What I am looking for is not out there, it is in me.”
— Helen Keller, 
American author and speaker, 1880–1968
Upanishads“There is a light that shines beyond the world, beyond everything, beyond all, beyond the highest heaven. This is the light that shines within your heart.”
— Upanishads, ancient Vedic texts
Egypt“Call yourself back then to yourself, O soul, and seek in yourself all that you ought to get knowledge of.”
— Hermetic writings, Egypt circa 2nd century AD
Black Elk“The first peace, which is most important, is that which comes from within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells the great spirit, and that this center is really everywhere — it is within each of us.”
— Black Elk, Sioux holy man, 1863–1950
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