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A Campus With Meditation
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College and Spirituality
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Consciousness University
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A Consciousness University
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A Consciousness Based University
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A Holistic University
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A Holistic School
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A Meditation School
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A Meditation University
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Metaphysical Science
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Metaphysical College
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A Metaphysical Education
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A Spiritual College
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An Organic Vegetarian College
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A Spiritual Education
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A Spiritual Degree
A Vegetarian College
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G-Spiritual University
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A Spiritual University
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TM Program
Vegetarian College
A Transcendental Meditation College
Transcendental Meditation College
Transcendental Meditation University
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Vegetarian University
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Vegetarian School
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Advice From Veterans Video
Maharishi speaks to Harvard Law Forum
MUM Valedictorain Message
Older Students at MUM Video
A Day in our Lives
MUM Student Profile: Minca Borg
David Lynch's Cosmic Message to Eric
Philosophy of Action Video
MUM student profile: Antwan Penn
Can you imagine the world at peace?
Block System Video
International Students Video
Around Campus: Physics and consciousness
MUM Student Profile: Rubén Yepes
MUM student profile: Jessica Miller
International Community Video
DLF Consciousness and Creativity
Older Students at MUM Full Video
Older Students at MUM
How I Came to MUM
What is the Science of Creative Intelligence Video
Whats Been Missing Video
Visitors Weekend Video
Maharishi Answers: "Does TM Make you Passive?
Life After the military
Maharishi: Knowledge of the Knower video
Relating Outside To Inside Video
Expanding Ability to Learn Video
MUM student profile: Ife Aziz
Transcendental Meditation: Mechanics of the Technique video
Around Campus: Saving Earth
MUM Veteran: "My thirst for life came back"
Finals Week Video
Inner And Outer Life video
Transcendental Meditation: A Natural Technique video
Transcending Brain
Maharishi Answers: What Do You Meditate About?
MUM Alumna Profile: Krystle Liggins
Commencement 2013
Student Projects
Maharishi: The Origin of Thought video
Transcendental Meditation: Mechanics of the Technique
Russell Simmons: What is cool?
Expanding the Container of Knowledge video
Maharishi: The Origin of Thought video
ADHD: Meditation, not Medication
David Lynch: Dive Within
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The Science of Consciousness
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In Depth
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Zarosh: The Secret of Life
What is Transcendental Meditation?
Live EEG Demo of TM
Moby: a Calm, Centered Place
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AD Testing Page
Vegetarian University
In Good Company
A Million Reasons
Five Ways
Five Reasons Why
Yes We Speak Vegetarian
In Good Company
5 Ways You Can Go Big at MUM
Holistic College
A Vegetarian University
What Is Brain Coherence
Quality of Life
About our Grads
What Alumni Say
44 Alumni Profiles
Emily Marcus, BA
Amy Spitzfaden, BA
Laura Yellin, MS
Leah Waller, BA
Josef Biechler, BS
Patricia Freeman Nesberg, MBA
Keith Levi, BS
Kate Vigmostad, BA
Emmanuel Titus, BA, MBA
Alex Cequea, BA, MBA
Heather Hartnett, BA
Benek Lisefski, BFA
Vincent Bataoel, BS
Nelina Loiselle, BS
Anna Bonshek, PhD
Lee Fergusson, PhD
Stuart Valentine, MBA
Ray Baptiste, BS, MBA
Marci Shimoff, BA
Jim Bagnola, MA
Rene Hernandez, BS, PhD
Troy Van Beek, BS
Amy Van Beek, BFA
Jimmy Moore, MBA
Deja Bernhardt, BFA
Justin Cutter, BA
Alan Phillips, BA, MBA
Annie Blecher, BA
Shane Zisman, BA
Tom Morgan, MA
Chris Kein, MBA
Ned Roberts, MA
Mikaila Maidment, BFA, MFA
Gabriel Okong'o Akura, MA
Mehdi Pakfetrat, MS
Charlie Fritsch, BA
Tristan Webb, BS, MA
Eric Rusch, BA
Nabin Khanal, MS
Supriya Vidic, BA
Vikas Narula, BS
Tegan Perry, BS
Puki Freeberg, BA
Gary Saint Denis, BA
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Fairfield Iowa Article
The Review
MUM Achievements
National Press Releases
KHOE Radio
TM News
TM Practice and Trait Anxiety: A Meta-Analysis (10-09-2013)
David Lynch on The Alan Colmes Show (8-08-2013)
TM positively impacts student graduation rates (6-10-2013)
AHA Report for Doctors: TM Lowers Blood Pressure (5-06-2013)
TM significantly reduces PTS in African refugees (4-08-2013)
BBC News India: Beatles song muse visits India's Kumbh Mela (2-21-2013)
Celebs who meditate featured in The Daily Beast (4-23-2013)
War veterans say TM could help with PTSD (2-05-2013)
Times of India: Maharishi's Samadhi Smarak (Memorial) (1-29-2013)
Good Morning America: Jerry Seinfeld Talks About His TM Practice (12-13-2012)
Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (11-25-2012)
Reducing Tension in the Mideast (11-27-2012)
Why CEOs, actors, and pop stars love Transcendental Meditation (11-27-2012)
MUMTV Videos
Sanskrit Quote of the Week
The University Blog
Maharishi Ayurveda and You
Science and Consciousness Blog
Reflective Writing: Writing from Within
Career Coach
Writings by Craig Pearson
Experiencing “the Great Silence” within us: Howard Thurman
Connecting with the deep soul: Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook
Rapturous joy transcending any other: Buddha
It is in the purest thing that the soul is capable of: Meister Eckhart
Sitting in a timeless stillness: D.H. Lawrence
Transcending all knowledge: St. John of the Cross
We are laid asleep in body, and become a living soul: William Wordsworth
The soul’s superior instants: Emily Dickinson
There is neither evolution nor destiny; only being: Albert Einstein
In tune with the infinite: Johannes Brahms
I have passed beyond all thoughts: Rumi
And this state of the soul is called wisdom: Plato
The kingdom of God is within you: The Bible
We become like a still lake of purest crystal: Henry David Thoreau
Within man is the soul of the whole; the wise silence; the universal beauty: Ralph Waldo Emerson
The luminousness of real vision: Walt Whitman
A state of transcendent wonder: Alfred, Lord Tennyson
I feel the flame of eternity in my soul: Helen Keller
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